Web Development + Photography

An updated website alongside beautifully executed photography to reflect a historically enriching shop and museum

The History Company

Your One Stop History Shop

The History Company came to us hoping to acquire an updated website in order to not only provide a more user friendly platform for their customers, but also become more easily discoverable by potential new customers.


We took a trip to The History Company to talk to the owners and get a feel for the atmosphere and business style of this unique store. The shop was a history enthusiast’s dream, filled with a vast amount of collections and uniforms. We decided the best way to showcase this shop’s charm is a simple and straightforward visual design, and let the shop itself shine through with well place photography reflecting the experiences one can find when they pay a visit.


The website needed to be done on a tight schedule, and needed to be simple to operate in order for the owner to list his shop items manually on a regular basis without needing to spend his time through a learning curve. Since the website needed to function as an additional eCommerce store, we chose to develop the website with Shopify, and provided the client a detailed instruction sheet on how to independently manage their website to save them time and money.


We identified The History Company’s charms as all located within the set up of the store itself, the best way to show off the shop and museum was to give customers a visual tour of the shop through still images, edited in a matching yellow tinted theme with the purpose of surfacing feelings of nostalgia, warmth, and curiosity.